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TransVerse is up for an award!

I’m excited to announce that one of my books has again been nominated for the Summer Indie Book Awards. Last year I was thrilled to get 3rd place in Novella/Short Stories with my book When the Ink Runs Dry. This year, TransVerse has been nominated in poetry!

Voting is totally free and takes about a minute to do. You can vote every day until the 10th, at midnight Central time. I really appreciate all the votes I get, and thank you all for the support!

Vote here: SIBAs Best of Poetry

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Fandom Scavenger Hunt Giveaway!

Now that The Reluctant Dreamer has released in both ebook and paperback format, I figured it was time to celebrate with a giveaway!

Timothy and I are fandom nerds sometimes. Which means that sometimes we write poems with references to our fandoms. And sometimes we clean those poems up, make the references slightly more obscure, and publish them. There are no less than SIXTEEN fandom inspired poems in The Reluctant Dreamer. And we’re going to give a prize to anyone who can spot them!

The fandoms you’ll be looking for are Fullmetal Alchemist and Rise of the Guardians. There are eight poems for each. If you can guess all eight of either fandom, you’ll win a free ebook pack of all the novels Tim and I have released so far. If you can guess all sixteen, then you’ll get a free paperback copy of The Reluctant Dreamer! (If by some rare case we manage to get more than one person guessing all sixteen, then I’ll send everyone who guesses correctly a copy.)

Once you have your guess, message it to my facebook page, but be careful – there are no second tries! Don’t worry though, everyone gets a free prize out of this just for trying. After all, you need a copy of the book if you’re going to look through it for poems, don’t you? Click the link below to get your free PDF of The Reluctant Dreamer!

Get your free copy here!

Guesses are open until midnight in pacific time on April 10th, so be sure to get them in!


The Reluctant Dreamer Sneak Peek: And I’m So Tired

I have a poetry book that will be coming out soon, so I wanted to take the chance to share a sneak peek with you all.

The Reluctant Dreamer is a collection of poetry co-written by me and my spouse. I was trying to write love poetry, but something about it felt flat. Then my spouse took a look at it, we ended up re-evaluating, and then I suddenly had a co-author. This book is essentially our love story. We’ve been through some dark and terrible nights of the soul, and it took a lot of love and acceptance to get to the point we’re at today. It’s been a journey.

Here’s the back blurb:

Love doesn’t always come as the perfect ending to a romance movie. Sometimes it comes in the middle of the darkest part of your life. At the moment you feel most lost, someone finds you, looks deeply into your soul, and whispers, “You matter.”

The Reluctant Dreamer is a collection of poems based off the real love story of the married authors. The poems show the two struggling to accept both love and themselves as they find their place in the world.

This collection of poetry uses a wide variety of both rhyming and free verse poems that fit together perfectly in a reflection of the bond between the two unique writers. The authors take a serious look into what it means to love and be loved, and show that you are never truly alone.

Enjoy the poem!

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